Alexis Valdez

“Allow yourself to indulge in a passionate endeavor filled with exhilarating sensations with a trustworthy confidant.”

An Introduction
Alexis.... Miss Valdez, if you're of the naughty sorts!

For many years I explored my sexuality and taboo bi-curiousities throughout my erotic massage career and developed a keen intuition on how to utilize my womanly wiles and delectible curves to seduce the complete body, and respond to each escaped whisper of ectasy as you become consumed by a rush of primal passion, bodies syncopated, founding my signature "Art of Seduction" session. I absolutely relish in being the giver of so much pleasure, taking complete control of your essense, leaving you begging for more. I could honestly say I loved my job; the wonderful sisterhood of support, the exhilerating sensations, the explosive chemistry and the sense of empowerment that molded a whole new confidence within me; but most of all I treasured the meaningful genuine connections that blossomed organically over time, some even lasting upwards of 10 years, becoming very dear to my heart.

My close friends would describe my personality as confident and ambitious, yet down to earth and easy to talk to about any and everyhthing. I always try to be witty as it delights me to see you laugh and enjoying yourself with me. Having a naturally nuturing disposition enables me to cater to your every need flawlessly; whether it's cuddles on lonely night, a great listener on a bad day or a tantilizing jouney of the senses, an escape to paradise melting away all the cares in the world. The Latina sensualist in me exudes a seductive aura with beguiling caramel brown eyes and a radiant but wildly mischievious smile. My curves are of the extremely dangerous kind, so grip firmly on to my supple hips and ample apple bottom while our bodies glide and collide over my silky smooth olive-toned skin. My long luxurious red hair full of bedroom curls drape over my full all nautral 36G breasts; yes they are all mine and the reason as to why this intoxicating paramour comes with a cautionary addiction warning label.

I pride myself on providing a relaxing atmosphere with carefully selected music, scented candles and my very own homemade hot coconut oil concoction with aromatherapy essential oils, creating a utopia for the body and mind. I believe in quality over quantity, therefore I am a low volume provider specializing in pre-booked extended engagments and private arrangements allowing us the time to develop a deeper level of connection. I am also selective with whom I choose to invest myself into, as I enjoy building meaningful and lasting relationships, stemming from mutually pleasureable experiences.

Allow yourself to indulge in a passionate endeavor filled with exhilerating sensations with a trustworthy confidant using the utmost discretion, experiencing a genuine connection that will leave us both with treasured memories. I look forward to meeting you where my focus will be completely on you as we explore your deepest desires in tandem.
What Am I Like?
  • Affectionate
  • Down To Earth
  • Epicurean
  • Humorous
  • Joyful
  • Nurturing
  • Spiritual
How Can We Meet?
Are you as anxious and excited as I am? Even though I'm an experienced masseuse, I can still get nervous meeting new suitors and this will help me to get more comfortable with you before our engagement and most of all to verify you for my safety, and I am sure you want me to feel safe right? Not to worry though, all information provided will be kept strictly confidential as I practice the utmost discretion and I expect the same in reciprocation. I am definately not one to miss out on and I truly look forward to experiencing a world of new things with you!
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