Avia Marie

“A sophisticated and poised luxury companion who specializes in curated encounters of unparalleled sensuality.”

An Introduction
I consider myself to be an experienced luxury (all natural) companion with a great reputation, listed for 4+ years as top AZ companion (based on the former major review site). I am known for my fun, sassy, and witty sense of humor, met with a sweet and loving touch that people find engaging and enticing. People find my energy to be close, welcoming, and connected. Deep within my heart, I carry a fire that can be expressed as a fierce but intuitive passion for creativity, people, life, and the unknowns. You’ll have to meet me to see. I love spontaneity and my most favorite encounters are when we have the privilege of spending time in the outer world as well. I also love adventures and make a great travel partner in crime! Just as much, I love to indulge in the simple moments of your hand in mine and one shared pillow as we talk into the night. I would love to journey together, explore together, and see where the time takes us.

Whether you appeal to a fleeting “friends from afar, passing with the winds” or a deeper, more personal ongoing connection, count me in as your trusted companion. With me you will find a safe place to relax (or spark!), unwind, and rejuvenate before returning to your probably busy, demanding default world. You will not find drama, disrespect, or a disingenuous experience as authenticity is one of my most valued traits. I appreciate you and hope you do the same! And of course, discretion and safety are paramount.

Aside from all of that… Do know that I am a firecracker at heart and I love to seize the moments! I also have great taste(buds), so food and fashion are ways to this lady’s heart. Compelled and inspired by creativity in all forms, I light up at live performances, opera, theater, symphony, art museums, concerts, and even drag shows! Without art, design, creativity, and the beautiful people in my life, my world would be drab and dull. Bottom line… I am a sophisticated and well poised woman who carries herself with grace and elegance to the outer world. At heart, I am also fiercly independent and inspired by adventure, creativity, and spontaneity. I know when to employ manners and when to be free. Whether inhibited or uninhibited, in spirit I am enjoying my experience of being human and discovering life’s little (or great) treasures. Care to join me?
What Am I Like?
  • Affectionate
  • Down To Earth
  • Educated (University)
  • Frequent Flyer
  • Humorous
  • Intellectual
  • Mysterious
  • Nurturing
  • Social Animal
  • Sophisticated
Will You Travel To Me?
Please inquire for fly me to you details, if non-local. I am available to travel to most major destinations.
How Can We Meet?
Please send initial appointment requests by emailing me here please.
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