Brooke Everly

“An all-American beauty: with long blonde hair, ocean-blue eyes, an angelic voice, dazzling smile and a Barbie-esque physique.”

An Introduction
An elite gentleman deserves an elite companion—with exceptional beauty, intelligence and class. Never settle for less than the best!

Like a rare jewel that many covet, only a discerning few will ever experience the unbridled joy that comes from possessing my time. As soft as Italian silk, as bubbly as French champagne and as spicy as Japanese wasabi…I will captivate your senses, mesmerize your eyes, and ignite your mind.

I’m so happy I can provide the best that life has to offer for the select few distinguished, affluent and generous men who appreciate the allure of witty repartee, emotional connections and erudite discussions with a worldly beyond beautiful companion. I am able to turn heads without raising eyebrows, as my appearance embodies the All-American beauty: with long blonde hair, ocean-blue eyes, an angelic voice, dazzling smile and a Barbie-esque physique. It’s a look that’s served me well in my roles as a former cheerleader, national beauty queen and model; you’ll be the envy of all men with me on your arm.

But what’s even more imperative is—with an education from one of the Ivies, a nod from the Rhodes scholar organization and a career with a Fortune 500 company, I complement my good looks with intelligence and class. I’m well versed in the ‘1% world’ and can seamlessly navigate amongst the ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ at social gatherings, trips and dinner dates with discretion, elegance and charm.

I am a woman of worth and quality that only a select few will get to experience, as I keep my social circle small and elite. You’ve achieved much, and only expect the best from everything around you…why not select a companion who mirrors that impeccable image you’ve built in order to enjoy what your hard work has earned? To the victor, go the spoils…

I love to spoil the person I’m with, with my time, attention and boundless affection. Time spent with me is never, ever wasted and full of fun, relaxation, beauty, adventure and excitement.
What Am I Like?
  • Affectionate
  • Athletic
  • Educated (University)
  • Girl Next Door
  • Humorous
  • Intellectual
  • Rebellious
  • Social Animal
Will You Travel To Me?
Couples experiences, extended stays, international dates, and unique scenarios can all be arranged depending on the details.
How Can We Meet?
I am flattered that you have chosen to spend time with me. Before we start, there are some familiarities that we have to get out of the way first. For all initial contacts, please send an introductory message through the contact button here.

To expedite our date, please do not forget to include your full name, appointment details/preferences, and also at least 2 companion references and/or Social media links.
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