Cassandra Astor

“An enigmatic and irresistable mix of exotic and alluring, angelic and innocence...”

An Introduction
I’ve heard it said that adventure finds you when you least expect it. With that in mind, I always remain attuned to the possibility of adventure and am sure to be ready when inevitably it does find me. Adventure is fuel for my soul. I want to experience all there is to experience. I want to embrace life with an open heart and people with an open mind. Adventure can mean traveling to faraway locales – Maldives, Bora Bora, Rome, Paris, Dubai,London – or merely engaging in a deep and scintillating conversation between two people, exploring our differences and sharing our experiences.

So if you were to embark on an adventure with me, what could you expect to experience? Well, adventure, of course – as in adventure of mind,body, and location. You would experience a spontaneous, fun, intelligent,genuine, and sweet partner throughout it all. Our conversations would run the gamut of subjects, as I am both well read and can speak intelligently on myriad topics. I also have a willingness and hunger to learn more from people who are knowledgeable in subjects outside of my purview.

What was this again about “adventure of the body,” you ask? Physically, I am an enigmatic mix of exotic and alluring, and angelic and innocent. Your first impression of me will be of a stunning, five-foot-two woman with hourglass curves. I have long, luxurious blonde hair that contours my face, and black eyes that hold a curious glimmer that is sure to lure you into wonder what secrets I may or may not hold. You will fathom that I am of Latin descent, but my exact nationality and background will remain something of mystery that you will have to uncover as you get to know me. Also to be uncovered will be the myriad passions and pleasures that we both are sure to share during our adventures. What is certain is that it all will be an exploration of pleasure, lust, and hedonism ,as you stare admiringly at my toned back side, and long for our next encounter.

As a denizen of Miami, I have an affinity for the water. The ocean has been an ever-present backdrop in my life. I love watching the sea at sunrise, as it fills my soul with all the promise of a new day. I also love watching it at sunset, as I contemplate the events of the day. True to my sense of fun and enthusiasm for life, my ideal evening would be to explore the restaurants of a city with a true gentleman who would indulge me with fine dining and champagne,and perhaps a foray in or over the ocean, preferably on a yacht or aboard a helicopter. And as the evening draws to a close, we could embark on yet another adventure all our own….
What Am I Like?
  • Affectionate
  • Athletic
  • Down To Earth
  • Educated (University)
  • Fashionista
  • Frequent Flyer
  • Humorous
  • Joyful
  • Mischievous
  • Outdoors Person
  • Sophisticated
Will You Travel To Me?
Apropos of my inherent wanderlust, my motto is, “Have bags, will travel.” My bags are always packed and at the ready for our next adventure in domestic or exotic locales. My passport also is ready, and I am TSA-approved. To be whisked away to a destination of your choice where passion awaits is one of my singular pleasures.

More information about my travel packages is available on my website.
How Can We Meet?
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