Holly Carmichael

“With beauty and brains, I am an all curvy blonde who is the perfect companion for a night out or longer travel plans.”

An Introduction
If you want to be pampered, adored and appreciated for the exceptional man that you are, I am the perfect girl for you. With a genuine approach and a gentle touch, the happiness I bring to my clients is something they rarely forget.

Possessing both beauty and brains, I can show you my city, as we explore things here you never imagined. Trust me, I am the companion you only thought existed in your dreams.

I blur my face out of regard for my privacy, but I can, on request, provide an un-blurred picture of my face once we have decided to meet. I tend to change my hair with my mood, from longer to shorter and back again, and occasionally to a color other than blonde. If there is look to my hair that you love, just let me know (isn’t it amazing how women can make those changes on short notice?). As far as dress, I always aim to turn heads rather than raise eyebrows in public. In private…I don’t mind raising eyebrows. If you have something specific in mind, please just let me know. I am happy to try to accommodate any requests.
What Am I Like?
  • Affectionate
  • Down To Earth
  • Epicurean
  • Girl Next Door
  • Humorous
  • Kinky (Submissive)
  • Nurturing
  • Social Animal
  • Sophisticated
Will You Travel To Me?
I am an excellent travel companion. I can find ways to delight myself if there are times you’ll be busy, and when you have time to be with me, I’ll be focused on delighting you.
How Can We Meet?
I prefer that our initial contact be by e-mail. Once we have decided to meet, I will provide you with a phone number you may use. Please note that your privacy and the discretion of our encounter are of the utmost importance to me. I will strictly obey any directive you give for contact (only e-mail between certain hours, for example), and I will never contact you after we meet unless you’ve specifically asked me to.

I am rarely (I hate to use the word “never” because I’m just not a “never” kind of girl, but well, never) available at the last minute. Please avoid costing either of us the opportunity to meet by planning in advance.

I won’t give you instructions for filling out my contact form (I have the utmost faith in you that you’ll figure out the form), and I won’t tell you what to include in your message…I look forward to seeing what you come up with on your own!
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