London James

“A sassy and playful bonne vivant, I exude a seductive presence with dangerous curves, a buxom bust, and ample derrière.”

An Introduction
Well, Hello There, Love... however you discovered me, I'm flattered that I piqued your interest. I hope that perusing my presence albeit the web, gives you an authentic taste of me and our adventure.

I am London, a twenties-something exotic inamorata based in Dallas after years of living across the globe. While I may not know much about you yet, I do know this: you seek respite from the "normalcy" of the world. I am thrilled to provide you with a lustful reprieve, comfort, and sanctuary... a playfully salacious Wonderland.

Described as a sassy, charming, and playful bonne vivant, I like to compare myself to an exclusive scotch: very smooth, honey-colored, and full-bodied with a fiery kick that leaves you thirsting for more. At a whopping 5’3”, I exude a seductive presence with dangerous curves, a buxom bust, and ample derrière. Long raven hair cascades over silky caramel skin craving your caresses. My most praised feature is adorned by a dazzling smile, pouty lips, a cute nose, and complimented by soulful eyes. Be advised! Behind this angelic face is a woman who loves to explore her wanton desires. Whether I am in a high-waisted garter, a black evening gown, or jeans & a trench coat, you will feel quite lascivious.

As an old school romantic with new school twists, I hold a different perspective on relationships. I value your wants and needs as I do my own, catering to the royal you are. I have been complimented on my maturity, relaxing aura, and my ability to make others feel "at home"; a place where you can be your authentic self. You will find yourself craving the qualities my Alma Maters conferred upon me: Southern class, culture, wit, poise & charm. Oh, and sass - of which I have plenty!

I participate in life fully and voraciously. As an epicurean, I nourish my mind & body by pushing boundaries and seeking new experiences. I have learned personal growth requires constant evolution. I'm a fiend of traveling, classic literature, a good scotch, the fine arts, and poetry. Giving back to the community is paramount to me, and intellectual repartee with diverse comrades energizes me. After a near-death accident, I pursue all my passions, both cerebral & physical.

As an active young executive, I prefer unhurried engagements, allowing us to create an authentic and genuine connection by languorously seducing our minds and bodies. Like you, I yearn to keep the world at bay, focusing on living in the moment, then savoring it for years to come. Whether we are invigorating a business trip, embarking upon a global excursion, laughing the evening away, or cozying up intertwined in one another with my legs around your hips, I want us to revel in the decadence of it. Once you've had a taste, chances are you won't ever want to leave.
What Am I Like?
  • Affectionate
  • Down To Earth
  • Educated (University)
  • Epicurean
  • Frequent Flyer
  • Geeky
  • Girl Next Door
  • Kinky (Dom)
  • Kinky (Submissive)
  • Sophisticated
Will You Travel To Me?
I am available for trip arrangements to domestic USA, and Canada. For other destinations, please ask!
How Can We Meet?
Take this time to introduce yourself and inform me about the rendezvous you are looking for. I ADORE thought provoking, thorough, and succinct correspondence. Please understand that all bookings require initial screenings.
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