Sireah Warden

“A multifaceted companion who loves an intellectual conversation.”

An Introduction
Hello :).

A little background about me:

I am Australian. I currently live in Germany. I have prior lived in China teaching English. I thoroughly enjoy traveling. Especially to explore and become engrossed in new cultures. I am currently studying my second undergraduate degree in Sociology and Anthropology which is inclusive of studying cultures. My first degree was in Culture and Communication, another humanities major. I also have a Diploma in Journalism, so I have always enjoyed linguistics and cultural worlds that can be unseen that affect us everyday.

My hobbies include;

> Economics: Mostly bitcoin and gold economist discussions. I get quite enraged discussing fiat.

> Gaming: I have an extensive understanding of gaming culture and try to keep up to date with the industry. I have a love for indie games personally, though my main games are a third person shooter and an MMO. I'm anti epic, pro steam. Anti forced-monetisation, pro intriguing lore.

> Computers: I run Linux on my home PC. Pop! OS to be specific, which is a gaming distribution built mostly from Ubuntu layers though with some ArchLinux components. It's a security conscious distribution though not as heavy as Kali. I can build basic websites. I have built my own gaming PC (AMDgirl). I can grasp extensive IT topics even if new to me and relate to the discussions.

> Languages: I enjoy learning and teaching languages. I have skill for mimicking native body language. During school I learnt 4 languages (French, Italian, German, and Japanese) though most of these languages have left me over the years except for certain phrases. Though I am adept at picking up languages quickly and find it enjoyable.

> Religion: I enjoy researching religious history. Though I am no denomination of any religion myself. I find spirituality fascinating as a state outside of religion. I find each religions brand of conforming spirituality fascinating to explore.

Things I can offer you as a companion:

> Sex: Why I originally chose to be an Escort was because I feel sex was always meant to be a career. I am an escort because I enjoy sexual relations. My aim is to train to be a Sexologist. Likely as a researcher, but possibly as a councilor after my postgraduate studies by distance. I have always treated sex as something to be developed. A skill... something to be good in. Something to... master.

> Adaptable: I am totally capable of being in your company 24/7 for a trip, or being independent and alone, or amongst a bevy of people. If you are on a business trip and have to leave for extended periods. I am someone who is capable of indulging myself in exploring without encroaching on your time. I am also capable of holding an interesting conversation with a group of people and discussing a variety of issues on all walks of life, from street teenagers to professional business personnel. As I study human relations through worldview in sociology.

Please contact me if you think you might enjoy my company.
What Am I Like?
  • Ambitious
  • Educated (University)
  • Geeky
  • Intellectual
  • Mischievous
  • Mysterious
  • Old Soul
  • Rebellious
  • Spiritual
Will You Travel To Me?
I will travel worldwide.

As I am from Sydney yet I live in Europe, I am used to long 24 hour flights. So I have no restrictions for distance.

I have special interest in ancient Mesopotamia if you are looking to book a vacation destination to take me to.
How Can We Meet?
The reason I posted myself on this website because;

1. Business decision.

2. I feel it is wrong of me to not present myself to people from all walks of life. If you have a lot of money, this gives you as much access to me as someone with less money. You are paying for my time, because I am of interest to you. If you want a woman who is highly exclusive, and only for the elite, then I am likely not the girl for you. But I hope you find whom you are looking to spend your time with :). I feel this value is somewhat placed on you. What I can give, cannot be monetarily exchanged. Money allows me to live in capitalistic societies, and encourages a sexual contract to be made which is why I want to spend time with you. I want to meet people, have sex and this is a way of presenting myself for you to find me.

The best ways to get in touch with me is to look over my website and personally decide if I am what you are looking for. The contact section presents all the required information to get in touch.
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