Mason Michaels

“Naturally athletic and proudly half-Polynesian, Mason's island warrior masculinity is instantly attractive to women.”

An Introduction
Mason Michaels is the new man in town, bringing his unique flair and personality to the male escort industry.

Tall, fit and - after 15 years in the modelling industry - always runway ready, Mason is brimming with health and positive energy. Naturally athletic and proudly half-Polynesian, his island warrior masculinity is instantly attractive to women.

Exotic, sensual and a free spirit, Mason adores female company, making him ideally suited to the profession of giving pleasure. He relishes a primal sexual connection and is masterful at creating erotic ambience, aiming to have you leave each booking “floating on air, tingling from top to toe.”

But Mason sees the role of a great escort as far more than chest-beating physicality. A deep thinker who has travelled the world, is fascinated by history and philosophy and is extremely comfortable in his own skin, he sees your encounter together as a chance to communicate and understand what makes you tick.

Mason finds women beautiful, emotionally rich and fascinating. He doesn’t believe in boxing people into pre-conceived preferences or categories. Instead, he wants the short time you have together to be a pocket of freedom, where you can both lose yourselves in pleasure, letting go of inhibitions, stigma, or judgement. His passion for sky-diving (with almost 1500 jumps under his belt) embodies freedom and life lived to bursting point. He brings the same joyous celebratory approach to a booking, body and soul.
How Can We Meet?
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